PENSIONS-Sanction of Consolidated Pension to pensioners retired in the pre-revised scales of pay 2010 -Enhancement of minimum pensionEnhancement of financial Assistance-Sanction of Dearness Relief and Medical  Allowance to Pensioners and Familly Pensioners and other benifits-Orders-Issued. Medical Allownce & Others


DEATH RELIEF-Relief in case of death of pensioners receipt of Service pension-Raised to a minimum of Rs 10,000/- Orders-Issued. Death Relief


DEATH RELIEF-Relief in case of death of family penioners-Payment of death relief to the legal heirs of the family pensioners in case of demise of family pensioners-Orders-Issued.    Death relief to Family Pensioners


PENSIONS-Enhancement of Maximum limit of Retirement Gratuity from Rs 7,00,000/- to 8,00,000/- Orders-Issued. Enhacement of Gratuity


AMILY PENSION-Inclusion of widowed/diverced daughters and dependent parents in the defination of purpose of family Pensioners-Amendement-Orders-Issued.

Family Pension

PENSIONS-Disbursement of Pension-Procedure for claiming for family pension after demise of the spouse or other member of the family -Orders-Issued. Family pension