Earned Leave-Surrender of Earned leave Encashment During the Financial Year 2011-12 Onwards-Instructuon Issued.Surrender leave Standred Instructiion  


Peternity Leave to Male Government Employees Certain Clarification-Issued.Claifiacation


LEAVE RULES-Recommendations of PRC 2010-Enhancement of Leave on Half pay at the time of retirement of Government E#mployees-Orders-Issued. Enhancement of Half Pay


LEAVE RULES-Recommendations of PRC 2010-Meternity Leave to married women Government Servants Enhancement from 120 days to 180 days-Orders-Issued. Meternity Leave..


LEAVE RULES-Special leave to Women Government Employess who undergo Hysterectmy operation for a period of 45 days as recommended by Civil Surgeon-Sanction -Orders-Issued. Special Leave to Women for Hysterectmypeternity leave Claifiacation.pdf (264,8 kB)


G.O.Ms.No. 756 Fin. (FR-I) Department dated. 7-8-2002 Grant of leave for 5 years to takeup employment abroad ?Amendment


PUBLIC SERVICE-Peternity Leave to Male Government Employees-Orders-Issued. Leave