శ్రీ  లోకేష్ కుమార్,ఐ.ఎ.యస్,గారు      శ్రీమతి బి.విజయేందిర,ఐ.ఎ.యస్. గారు

         కలెక్టరు మరియు   ప్రత్యేకాధికారి          ముఖ్యకార్యనిర్యహణాధికారి

                  జిల్లా ప్రజా పరిషత్                         జిల్లా ప్రజా పరిషత్

                     అనంతపురము.                           అనంతపురము.    

Andhra Pradesh Treasury Code Volume – II – Bill Forms for drawal of moneys from the Treasury – Further orders – Issued-G.OM,s.No75 Dt 3-4-2014


Depl Test Maya2014 Notification,Timetable & Fee Details Dwonload


Employees’ Health Scheme – Recovery of contribution from theSalaries/Pensions of Employees/Pensioners and depositing the amount withGovernment contribution in the Public Account – Stop recovery of premium payableto Aarogyasri Health Care Trust - Orders – Issued. G.O.Ms No 68 Dt"20-03-2014

Documentarion of e-Payaments(Salaries Download


New Pension System – Exit Policy – Withdrawalprocedures for Subscribers from New Pension System –Orders –Issued-G.O.Ms.No. 62 Dated: 07.03.2014


SALARIES – Payments to the Employees through Banks – Payment of salaries and all otheremployee payments mandatorily “ONLINE” through Banks - Amendment Orders – Issued   GO.Ms No 48 Dt 19.02.201


Public Service-Strike by the employees of Seemaandhra Region –Regularization of Period of Strike as E.L. / E.L. to be earned / EligibleLeave – Orders Issued.G.O.Ms 33 Dt:04.02.2014


Public Services– ( Record Asst Promotions ) The Andhra Pradesh Ministerial Service Rules, 1998 – Amendments - Orders - Issued  G.O.Ms.No.32  Dated: 03.02.2014


General Elections 2014-Transfers of Officers - Gen 2014


Calender, 2014 launching at ZPP,Ananthapuramu,by Smt B.vizendira IAS,Chidf Executive Officer,Zilla Praja Parishad,Ananthapuramu 07.02.2014


Extension of time to upload the employee dataup to  1-2-2014 - Orders – Issued G.O.Ms.No. 22 Dated: 28.01.2014


SSC March 2014 Nominal Rolls for Verification(Enter ur School Code & Download) Download


Number Statement for the year 2014-15 Download


Extend the time for submission of Employees data up to 27t-1-2014. G.O.No 16 Dt :18.1.2014


IR Ready Recknoer wef 1.1.2014   Recknoer


Public Services Revision of Pay Scales -Interim Relief Pending Revision of Scales of Pay -G.O.Ms No 10 Dt: 06.01.2014


PENSIONSSanction of Interim Relief to Pensioners – Sanctioned – Orders –Issued.G.OMs No: 11 Dt: 09.01.201


IR Ready Recknoer wef 1.1.2014   Recknoer


Finance Department –Iimplementation of HRMS Module and issue of Health Cards – Online submission of Employees’ data by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers through Web-based application on Finance Department Portal – Further Instructions - Issued  Circular Memo 32708 Dt: 28.12.2013


Finance Department .1 Office details Form  2. Subordinate Office  Details  3.Next Higher Office details


Employees’ Health Scheme Recovery of contribution from theSalaries/Pensions of December 2013 payable in January 2014 onwards anddepositing the amount with Government contribution in the Public Account –Amendment Orders – Issued.G.O.Ms No 343 Dt: 17.12.2013


Regular Employee Details for web  Download


DDO User Manual For Employee Data filling  Downloadl


Employee Details For Uploading to Fin dept by DDO’s Download


Finance DepartmentComprehensive Financial Management System  –Human Resources Management under CFMS - Issue of Health Cards to StateGovernment Employees – Online Collection of Employees’ data through Webbasedapplication for implementation of HRMS Module and issue of Health Cards –Instructions to furnish the Data – Orders – Issued.GO.334  Dt: 14.12.2013


Employees’ Health Scheme (EHS) Recovery of contribution from theSalaries/Pensions of December 2013 payable in January 2014 onwards and
depositing the amount with Government contribution in the Public Account – Orders– Issued.
G.O.Ms No:331 Dt: 11.12.2013.


S.S.C Public Exminations Time Table March 2014


PUBLIC SERVICES – Recruitments Filling of seven thousand one hundred andseventy three (7,173) vacant posts through Direct Recruitment – Permission to the
Recruiting Agencies – Orders – Issued
G .O.Ms.No 323 Dt: 4.11.2013 


 Gemeral & Optional Holidays for the year 2014 Holidays  


Delegation of  powersSanction of Zilla Parishad Provident Fund  Loans/Part-finals   of Panchayat Raj  Teachers  by the  Head Masters/Mandal Educational Officers etc., on par with Government Teachers  – Orders – Issued. G.O. Ms.No. 447  Dated:28.11.2013


School Education – Services – Strike - Participation of Teachers in Samaikya AndhraUpadhyaya Porata Samithi and Teachers J.A.C. from 22.8.2013 to 10.10.2013 – Drawal ofsalary – Instructions – Issued.G.O.Ms.No. 67 Dated: 14.11.2013


Annual Verification Certificate 2013-14 (Revised) Download

Calender, 2014 launching at ZPP,Ananthapuramu,by Smt B.vizendira IAS,Chif Executive Officer,Zilla Praja Parishad,Ananthapuramu on 07.01.2014


Health Card enrollment manual Download


Pay Grades for Health Card Submission (RPS 2010 Download


       Health Card Filling Instructions Download


Health Card Application Download


             Health, Medical & Family Welfare - Employees Health Scheme - Providing Cashless medical treatment to the State Government Employees, Pensioners and their dependent family members - Notification of the 'Employees Health Scheme (EHS) - Orders — Issued.G.O.Ms No 174  Dt: 01.11.2013


Health, Medical & Family WelfareEmployees Health Scheme (EHS) — Operational Guidelines for Issue of Health Cards – Orders – Issued. G.O.Ms.No 175 Dt:1.10.2013


  Health, Medical & Family Welfare Employees Health Scheme – Notification and adoption of ‘Final Therapy Prices’ - Orders – Issue G.O.Ms No 176 Dt:


 Special Advance of two months Salary –G.O.Ms No 298 Dt: 29.10.2013


New DA from 54.784% to 63.344%   G.O.Ms.No:294 Dt: 26.10.2013


Andhra Pradesh Essential Services Maintenance Act, 1971(Act No.20 of1971) – Prohibition of strikes in the Panchyat Raj and Rural Development Department – Notification – Issued.G.O.Ms.No. 394 Dated:31-08-2013


Finance  Department – The Andhra  Pradesh Essential Services  and Maintenance  Act, 1971 – Strikes by services declared as Essential  Prohibited  - Orders – Issued -G.O.Ms No 238 Dt:17.08.2013


Permission to Muslim Employees for Ramzan festival- Circular  Memo


PUBLIC SERVICES-Transfers & Postings of Employees-Ban on transfers of Employees-Orders-IssuedG.O.Ms.No:119 Dt:17.05.201


Public Services - PR & RD Department – Transfers and postings ofe mployees in Panchayat Raj Department – Lifting of ban on transfers –Guidelines on transfers for the year 2013 – Orders - Issued.G.O.Ms.No:709 Dt:29.04.2013


PUBLILC SERVICES-Transfers and postings of employees – Lifting of banon transfers –Instructions/guidelines - Orders – Issued  .G.O.Ms/No:100 Dt:22.04.2013


The A.P.State & Subordinate Service Rules1996-Amendement to Rule 22 relating to persions with Disabilities -Orders-Issued. G.O.M.s.No:99 Dt:04.03.2013..


PRIASoft Website Address Address.


Public ServicesThe Andhra Pradesh Last Grade Service Rules, 1992 –Amendments – Orders – Issued. G.O.M.s.No:101_4.03.2013.


Instructions on Maintenance and Scrutiny of Personal Files-1999 .


Pay Revision Commission- G.O.Ms.No:95 Dt:28.02.2013 .

Professional Tax notificaation Amendement - G.O.Ms.82..


PUBLIC SERVICES-Filling up of backlog vacancies of SC/ST in the Govt Departements -Extension of the out off date from 31.12.2010 to 31.12.2011 and extension of time limit for filling up backlog vacancies os SC/ST for a period of one year i.e. 30.06.2013-Orders -Issued. SC/ST Backlog Vacancies  Dt :25-10-2012  

SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Component Authotity for sanction of various kinds of Leave-Amendment-Orders-Issued .Eeduction Leave Amendment

PUBLIC SERVICES-Transfers & Postings of Employees-Ban on transfers of Employees-Orders-Issued.   Ban on Transfers from 11.07.2012





PANCHAYAT RAJ & RURAL DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMNENT-"Payment of Salaries of provincialised staff of Zilla Parishad,Mandal Parishads through treaseries under 010-Salaries " head of account- Guidelines for payment of salaries of provincialised staff of Panchayat Raj institutions-Orders-Issued. Guidelines for 010 Salaries


PANCHAYAT RAU & RURAL dEVELOPMET DEPARTMENT-Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj Ninisterial Employees-"Payment of Sslaries of Provencialised staff of Zilla Parishad , Mandal Parishads and Gram Panchayats through Treaseries under 010-Sakarues"Head of Account-Orders-Issued. 010 Salaries


PUBLIC SERVICE-APGLI Department-Andhra Paradesh Government Employees Group Insurence Scheme-1984-revision of Groups consequent of implimentation of Revised Pay Scales 2010-Orders-Issued. GIS Groups

PUBLIC SERVICES-The Andhra Pradesh Ministerial Servuce Rules ,1998-Amendments-  Orders--Issued. Amenement


PUBLIC SERVICES-Recommendation of Ninth Pay Revision Commission-Payment of Dearness Allownce during pefiod of leave on Half Pay-Clarification-Issued.   Clarification


PUBLIC SERVICES-Revision of Pay Scales 2010-Automatic Advancement Scheme in the Revised Pay Scales, 2010-Recommendations of Ninth Pay Rivision Commisiion-Orders-Issued. 6/12/18/24 Years    Clarification-1  


PUBLIC SERVICES-Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Schem Revision of Pay Scales with reference to Revised Pay Scales,2010 for deduction of Andhra Pradesh Government Insurance Comulcory Premimum-Orders-Issued.  Health Cards


PUBLIC SERVICES-Revisipm of Pay Scales-Recommendation of the Ninth Pay Revision Commission-Orders-Issued. PRC2010


PUBLIC SERVICES-Retirement benifits-Enhancement of Earned leave/Privilige Leave on retirement from service-Enhancement of ceiling from 240 to 300 days-Extension to the Govt servantsswho die in service-Orders-Issued. Earned Leave


PROVIDENT FUND-Rate of interest for the financial year 2011-12 on the accomulations on the credit of subscribers in the General  Provient Fund and other similar funds until further Orders.  GPF